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Bed Bug & Flea Pest Control for Wrexham, Chester & Surrounding Areas

Bed Bugs

Calls to treat bed bug infestations are increasing each year due to international travel. Bed bugs have the ability to spread easily by hitching a ride in luggage and clothing. They also spread due to unsuccessful treatments in early stages. It is also common to pick up bedbugs on local public transport.

Bed Bug Pest Control

When I started my career in pest control, bedbugs in the Wrexham and Chester areas where almost unheard of. However I worked as part of a team in London for some time where we dealt only with bedbug infestations within large hotels, hostels, apartment blocks etc… This gave me a massive amount of knowledge and experience to deal with the increased demand over recent years to eradicate bedbugs in the Chester, Wrexham and North Wales areas.

Bedbugs are normally found in bedrooms but can also be found in other rooms, hiding in cracks and crevices. Their favourite hiding places are in mattress seams, in the frame of the bed, behind the headboard and in places where the wall and the floor meet. Bed bugs have also been found behind peeling wallpaper, under carpets and behind skirting boards. They grow to be approximately 5mm in length and are light brown and oval shaped. After they have fed, they tend to be a little rounder in shape and a little darker in colour.

Bedbugs are nocturnal and are attracted to the carbon dioxide in our breath as well as our body heat. Dark staining of a mattress indicates an established infestation of bedbugs; the dark stain caused by the excreta of the bedbugs. Bedbugs also excrete an unpleasant scent and this too can be smelt in rooms that have an established infestation of bedbugs. The presence of bedbugs can also be corroborated when small droplets of blood are found on the sheets.

We Guarantee:

  • Fast emergency attendance to deal with bedbug infestations
  • Complete & thorough survey
  • The most thorough treatment to eradicate bedbugs fast
  • Use of the best equipment & products available

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Pro Control flea treatment services can eradicate any flea infestation using a strong long lasting residual insecticide spray combined with an insect growth regulator.

Flea Pest Control

Adult fleas are between 1-3 mm long and brownish in colour. Their bodies are compressed from side to side which enables the flea to move through fur and feather with ease. Adult fleas are visible to the naked eye, as small brown/black insects that jump. Fleas feed exclusively on warm blooded animals, drawing blood from their host by using their piercing mouth parts.

Before Flea Treatment, You Should:

  • If you have pets they are treated using suitable products to avoid reinfestation (ask your vet for details).
  • Wash at high temperature all bedding to destroy any flea eggs.
  • Wash at high temperature any dog beds, cat baskets etc. This will destroy any eggs in these items.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the house to remove all loose flea eggs in the carpets. Throw the vacuum bag away after the house is cleaned. If you have a cylinder type vacuum disinfect after emptying.
  • Remove all loose articles from the floor. This makes it possible to treat all areas.

After Flea Treatment, You Should:

  • Not go back to the house until the floors have dried. This will be over 4 hours.
  • Avoid vacuuming the house for 14 days after each treatment.

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What our Customers Say

I had an issue with a wasps nest where they were all coming into my house (I HATE WASPS) I phoned pro pest control at about 6pm on a Saturday night and he was there at 10am on Sunday morning. Within two days all of the wasps were gone just like he said they would be. I would have no hesitation in recommending this man for any infestations first class service.
Helen Tyrer
After years of trying to catch moles myself, and trying a few companies (who took my money but never caught anything), I turned to a recommended Mole Catcher who happened to Steve at Pro-Control. Within a day he had caught them.
We have dealt with Steve and Pro-Control for a few years now and he’s never, let us down, catching many moles in the process!!
Great service, courteous and a pleasure to deal with, extremely reasonable too, he only takes payment when he’s caught them. We have also had Steve for a few wasp infestations in the loft. Excellent each time. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone as I do anyhow!
Jason Edwards, Holiday Gems
We have worked with Pro Control for a number of years during which time they have undertaken work for us in a wide range of locations, from domestic homes through to specialist care homes for autistic adults and drug/alcohol rehabilitation centres. At all times we have found them to be courteous and respectful of their surroundings, professional in their approach and timely in their responses.
They continue to work for Universal Builders and I would have no difficulty in recommending them to anyone who would require there services.
Paul Davies, Universal Builders